Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Brandi Svenning

So even though I find myself with a constant lack of time, perpetually unable to do everything that I want to, I find myself starting a blog. I don't even know what a blog is, what's the 'b' for?

Perhaps the impulse to cram in as much experience as possible is a result of anxiety over possibly missing out, and I often consider myself a jack-of-all cultures and master of none because of this. Dipping my fingers in the pies of anime, east-asian cinema, gaming and films in general keeps me from developing a true level of geekery, though I suppose that there is a general focus on the visual arts there.

When I was younger I was always dimly aware of the idea that 'other people' had drive, ambitions and goals, they had an aim they were working towards and knew how to get there, and that I was destined to drift, with no particular unifying passion or dream to condense all my efforts into a single direction. True, I know very few people who have had single-minded career aspirations since they were six, but as I struggle to get myself out of retail I constantly dash myself upon the rocks of indecision; what do I want to do?

Writing is something I enjoy and I suppose actually find fulfilling, though I'm hardly scribbling away 24/7, and I'm obviously a big fan of things filmed so here I am, channelling all my energies into criticism. As ever with no plan of action other than an end in the dim future where I turn it into a living. Pshaw.

So, providing myself with yet another distraction can be justified because it might prove helpful, all this writing. It's easy to tell yourself these things - watching DVDs is research.

Introverted navel gazing, it's what the internet is made of.

Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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