Monday, February 12, 2007

I went to see The Pursuit of Happyness and I enjoyed it

In posts previous I have mentioned my games, that I like playing games.

Call it a compulsion.

In a fit of endless Spring cleaning, muchlike a sparkling Never Ending Story, I recycle my old games when I'm done with them by selling them, for money. Unless the game is so superlative that it deserves to be kept for the forseeable

Alternately, it may be a title that deserves seeing through to completion, but that I will come back to later, like Resident Evil 4 or the excellent Eternal Darkness, or one of those 'open-world' thangs where you run around blowing stuff up. Many would posit GTA and the like, but I have an affection for a spot of Mercenaries.

But otherwise, I play it until I clock it or I can't be arsed, and then I sell it. It's like I'm saving the planet and getting paid for it.
Which is nice.
Games are the things that tend to sell the fastest, so I'm wondering how long it will take for me to get rid of my copy of Chihuahua Nintendogs. Yes, despite my previous elation at aquiring Nintendo's beautiful handheld and its virtua-fur champion, we have to part ways. This evening I held A,B,X,Y,L and R and put my puppies down.

The kind of game that you play for a few minutes a day just isn't for me, I need something I can dive into for a couple of hours at a time, New Super Mario Brothers being an excellent example of something at first seeming simple and retro, but is in fact a gripping and challenging test of platforming skill. Very much seeming like an amalgam of 2D Marios past, this latest update takes on the many, many platforming successes of the previous incarnations and lashes them all together in a sublime jaunt of mushrooms and block-smashing.
For those with a passing ability with jumping from left to right, the game presents the possibility of steady progression toward the inevitable princess rescue, but for the cognoscenti there are the hundreds of details and hidden secrets to uncover. It doesn't matter that you have literally done it all before, the fact is that you've never done it so good.
Of course it's not all good. The game is let down by its length (fnar) but luckily, this doesn't faze me as I have so many games to play it'll be a while before I excavate all the meaty goodness.

And yet having so many games is a curse as I feel reluctant to further add to the stable. I'm very, very eager to play a hefty wad of 360 games, and I've saved enough to buy the (still-not-dropped-in-bastard-price) Premium wedge, but I can't let myself give in to the temptation as I still have a tower of ye olde Xbox games to crawl through and it's hard to justify when I've already furnished myself with the scrumptious (but worrying) Wii.

But that is another story for another time.

Until then, SNOW!


  1. Jesus, I thought you'd retired. Pursuit of Happyness, eh? did it make you wanna cwwyyy?

  2. You know you just got an indirect mention on Matthew Crosby's Blog. I've never had as much as that and I've known him more than half my life.

    This is depressing beyond all reckoning. I've spent weeks now sitting in front of this machine hoping for some kind of interaction with any of my friends, be it web or text or other and it's been about flicker a day and fuck all else.

    In fact this might be worth a blog on it's own. I'm going to fucking bed now.

    It's not your fault.

  3. I did an in-depth scan and couldn't see anything, you sure you're not mistaking something for something else?

  4. Unless I used to be in Grange Hill and forgot.

    Pursuit of Happyness disn't make me cry, but I was glad of the ending depsite it being to the Most Predictable Film Ever Made.

    Thandie Newton was great, in a scary way. Even the Smith progeny wasn't repellent. I was gobsmacked, largely because I was expecting excrement.

  5. You left a comment on his blog about people kicking him up the bum. He posted a link to your comment in one of the most recent additions. I said indirectly, though I think it even says 'Ross'.

  6. No wait. It was the other guy. You just appeared on the same bit.