Saturday, July 07, 2007

spider spider burning bright


  1. Meh.

    You should do a blog about you and your search for an abode.

  2. Yeah, you should.

    Who could be bothered thinking up all that dialogue - about games consoles, no less - and syncing it with this?

  3. An in-depth critique into the state of gaming as portrayed by the media, and nothing.

    A video about Hitler getting kicked off Xbox Live and I get two comments.

    This doesn't hold a candle to the Full Metal Wii video, though.

    I was considering blogging about flat-hunting, but I haven't had the time. I think I may do when I've found somewhere. The only reason I've had time to write today is that I spent hours looking through flats yesterday and there's nothing new left today. I arranged three more viewings today, one of them's very promising, so I'm just hoping it's not next to a crack-den.

  4. He lives next to a crack den in "The Low Down". Doesn't seem all that bad. He shags a crack ho.

  5. I didn't leave a comment on the other one because it didn't interest me. If it was an article in a magazine I would have skipped it altogether. I think the media-violence/real-life-violence debate is academic; scientific findings have been inconclusive at best (as they are with most industry-based research. One focus group says this, another says that. One expert says this. Another says that. Look at the cigarette industry for further proof.)and politicians and journalists are always going to take a lazy approach towards explaining headline violence. Blah blah blah.

    You don't often write in a way that makes me feel polemic. These aren't opinion pieces in the way I'd respond to. There's no morsels in your fact soup.

  6. It may be academic but the recent BBFC ruling against Manhunt 2 shows it is now affecting what gets released and what I can play.
    By all accounts, the gaming press where saying it was a decent game, regardless of the violence. With the associated, unfounded media circuses around some games, a climate has been created where this game gets shitcanned where I sincerely doubt there would have been any problem giving it an 18 before. They explicitly stated that they have to consider it will end up in underage hands.

    Aah, ratings and censorship, it's too big an issue to fit in a comment.

    Still, this ruling affected me, one of the few Wii games worth playing since release and it's halted. Tsk.

    Crack hos aren't really my cup of tea.