Sunday, August 10, 2008

Three decades in and none the wiser

Everything works this time around. These upstairs neighbours aren't particularly more noisy than the last ones, but have been at times when you might want to sleep. Other than that it's lovely, although quite often cold which will probably be more of a problem this winter. Gloves inside?
You can get to the terrace through the kitchen, which is nice, or has been for about two weekends this summer. Aaah, great British weather.

Altogether moving in wasn't as stressful as I feared, but next time I will be paying for people to do it, or hiring a big van at the very least. If ever there was a time when you needed Mary Poppins....


  1. It's a bit more Boho than I'd expect for you. The place has got...well...personality. I somehow saw you going home to something more sterile. Lots of wires, not much else. I'm guessing as it's spacious and within the M25 this is costing you a pretty penny.

  2. A gorgeous penny, the kind of penny that gets spotted by Testino while out shopping in Covent Garden at the age of 15. But as I'm sharing with my ginger I am saving compared to the old place.

    When I was younger, I wanted a home which I could decorate however I wanted. I wanted to rip up the floors in the hall and make it look the corridors of the Nostromo or maybe the terraforming colony.

    I still want that now I am older, of course, but now I am put off by the awkwardness of cleaning such a thing.

    Much better than recreating the deck of the Enterprise, though.

  3. That Hepburn picture is hers, not yours, yes?

    Looks nice, side from that.

  4. The picture's hers, though I helped pick it from among a number of Hepburn pin ups.
    The TV, shelves of DVDs and rubber gloves are mine.