Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Colourless Interlude


Rather than become a massive drain on my precious temporal resource, it turns out my DS only takes up neat little chunks, much like its physical presence. This is mostly due to the games that I've bought for it : Brain Training only lets you do the actual training (maths, memory games, visual tests etc.) once a day so you can't spend that long on it, and Nintendogs is similarly limited, in that your virtual puppy only has the energy for so many walks or contests in one day and back at your virtual flat you don't want to spend that long playing and training it, especially when it decides to forget the tricks you taught it not hours earlier.
I'm not bitter.

So that's my virtual pup, her name is Plum and she usually answers to it. Don't know why the picture's so blurry, dagnabbit, this technical jiggery-hokery just gets me all confounded.
Having said this, my limited time-outpouring into my funky little machine is all set to change on Friday, as Nintendo release the New Super Mario Bros game, and a squillion Nintendo fans rejoice in an apoplexy of Mario-based emotional outpourings.

Could talk again about films what I done seen, but the Christian Right teen comedy Saved! didn't inspire the same enthusiasm in me as did Deathline. Saved! isn't bad, it's just a bit meh. It's okay, quite good in parts, but in aping the high school comedy/drama staple of US West Coast cinema, it suffers from many of the same narrative drawbacks despite the attempt to provide bitey twists. Pshaw.

One item of interest was the impromptu visit to the Wireless fest on Sunday, where the Depeche Mode did do headline. Picked up the tickets last Wednesday and yesterday afternoon I found myself re-living the festival times of a decade ago, in some small way. With the 02 signage pasted everywhichwhere it was undeniably a corporate venture, but as the prices of the likes of the Readings and Phoenixes that I once went to skyrocket, Sunday's little gathering didn't seem so bad. The fact that I cared not a jot for any of the acts but the main made it all the more relaxing - a warm summers afternoon spent trampling round a field of parched straw like grass, surrounded by people all out to enjoy themselves amongst the dozens of festival tat stalls and dodgy food vans. Whilst I'm not a huge Depeche fan, I like a good number of their tunes and they put on a decent show as dusk became twilight became darkness.
It certainly gave me a bit of the festival bug again, but as the last claps and hollers died down and hundreds of people poured out of Hyde Park, walking down the road to catch a bus home was very much different to traipsing back to a disheveled tent past packs of pissed-up teens only to be greeted by a bag of warm, damp bread and smashed biscuits.
Different and better.


  1. I liked Saved! For the girls mostly. Phoenix and Reading eh? I was at Phoenix '96 and Readings '97, '98 and '02. Were you at any of them?

  2. I believe I was at Phoenix 96. Ten years ago *sigh*
    Sweaty sex in a tent.

  3. Man, Phoenix '96. Bowie, Massive Attack, Cypress Hill, Frank Black, Foo Fighters, The Prodigy, Neil Young, The Sex Pistols, Bjork, The Specials...man The Specials were fucking awesome. No sweaty anything in a tent except sleep for me.