Sunday, June 04, 2006

War on Nature

Obviously the BBC have been paying close attention to my blog and decided to start their 'Climate Chaos' season. So we had good old David Attenborough asking "Can We Save Planet Earth?" last week, and earlier we had "If...the oil ran out".
David always gives good telly, but the If... strand went with a mix of documentary and drama, interspersing the talking heads and text stats with badly acted segments showing us what will happen in 2016. I think a straight doc would have been better, ah well. They should definitely run the Rob Newman show again.

Climate change and the oil running out, they're inextricably linked. It's odd that the CGI image of carbon pollution took the form of Oxo cubes though.
Flooding and killer summers and the inability to eat out of season foods and diminished travel ability and blackouts and brownouts and can't you just wait? Get a horse.

In other news, I am not a pirate.

I got something in my eye at the start of the week and I think it scratched my eyelid. Painful and irritating.


  1. but it does make you look distinguished.

  2. Distinguished, eh?
    I just need a tricorner hat and I could be a count.
    Or a duke.

  3. When you said blackouts, my mind read it as the medical event rather than the electrical failure. The subsequent mention of brownouts left me with a nasty mental image until I figured out what you were getting at...

  4. Your medically-oriented mind is disturbing, yet only to yourself it seems.